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“Us Against the World" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of ABC’s Resurrection. It was written by Nathaniel Halpern and directed by Ron Underwood. It is the fourth episode of the series overall, and premiered on March 30, 2014. "Us Against the World" attracted 8.39 Million Viewers.


Tom's girlfriend, Rachel, who committed suicide 12 years ago, has returned. He is conflicted between his current marriage and seeing Rachel again. Bellamy and Sheriff Langston investigate Caleb's involvement in a previous bank robbery, while the bank gets robbed again and he disappears. Lucille begins to empathize with Henry regarding Jacob. Maggie takes Jacob for ice cream and he senses Caleb is hiding out in an abandoned Langston family-owned factory. Upon arrest, Caleb vows that events are "just beginning," making Bellamy more concerned about what will happen next. 


Elaine is surprised to find Caleb outside doing work on the house in the middle of the night. Father and daughter end up having a heart-to-heart where Caleb hopes that Elaine knows he would never let anything happen to her. “It’s us against the world,” he tells her, using a phrase they shared in the past. Meanwhile, after discovering Dale’s body, Maggie and Agent Bellamy call Sheriff Fred to the murder scene. Marty explains how he believes Caleb is the murderer. Plus, he thinks Caleb was responsible for that unsolved armed robbery from years ago. This creates an interesting (and at times tense) alliance between Fred and Marty as they set forth to find evidence against Caleb.

At the church, Pastor Tom tends to Rachael and allows her to stay in the basement for the evening. She tells him she woke up in a cornfield three days ago and was told 12 years had passed. Tom, who is obviously shaken by seeing her again, informs her she’s not the only one this has happened to. There are others. “Did they kill themselves too?” Rachael wonders. Later, Tom is tasked with telling his wife that not only was he in love with someone before her, but that he had to deal with the pain of losing her after she committed suicide. “Why are you telling me this now?” Janine wonders. He reveals that Rachael is back in Arcadia… like Caleb and Jacob. Tom doesn’t want this to change anything, though. Janine tells him that if that’s true, he knows what he has to do. Tom then returns to the church – but Rachael is gone.

Tom eventually goes to “their place” and finds Rachael there. She tearfully explains why she killed herself and hopes they have a second chance now. They both express feelings of pain and heartbreak. Tom reveals he initially sought her out to tell her he couldn’t see her anymore and she has to leave, for the sake of his marriage, but now he’s torn. Meanwhile, while Marty and Fred are confirming that Caleb indeed robbed the local bank before he died, Caleb shocks them by robbing the bank again in present day! Only this time he shoots one of the guards in addition to stealing money. Before Marty and Fred can arrive on the scene, Caleb flees and goes into hiding, which leaves Elaine (who doesn’t want to believe her father is capable of such things) understandably confused and distraught.

At the Langston house, Jacob continues to have trouble sleeping. It doesn’t help matters when some teens come by in the middle of the night to “see the ghost boy” and he ends up having a seizure. The Langstons call Maggie over to check on him. After she examines Jacob, Lucille confides in Maggie that she’s worried about her son. “Ever since he’s been back, he’s eating nonstop,” she explains. “And he hasn’t been sleeping… It’s different than before.” Maggie tells Lucille that if she brings Jacob by her office, she’ll run a few tests. “It’ll be fine,” she assures her. Meanwhile, Lucille and Henry are still at odds over Jacob’s return.

After Maggie does some prying, she discovers that Jacob has an unnatural metabolism. She remembers what Ray told her about Caleb having the same symptoms and wonders if there could be a connection. Later, Maggie also discovers that Jacob has some sort of psychic connection to Caleb. This connection leads to Jacob telling her where Caleb is hiding. “I can feel him,” Jacob explains. Maggie immediately informs her dad and Marty. They successfully track Caleb down and arrest him. “It’s over,” Sheriff Fred tells him. “No, it’s just beginning,” warns Caleb.



Resurrection 1x04 promo

Resurrection 1x04 promo

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