“Unearth" is the second episode of Season 1 of ABC’s Resurrection. It was written by Thomas Schnauz and directed by Dan Attias. It is the second episode of the series overall, and premiered on March 16, 2014. "Unearth" attracted 11.25 Million Viewers.


Caleb Richards returns to his family, with no memory of dying from a heart attack many years before. His son and daughter are emotionally divided over his return, and Caleb resumes his devious activity from before his death. The Langstons must find a way to re-introduce Jacob to society – either by telling the truth or lying — and ask Pastor Tom for help, since he was friends with Jacob 32 years ago. Meanwhile, Sheriff Langston is told his wife was having an affair, and that, according to Jacob, the man was present at the time of her death. Also, the sheriff would rather keep the past buried after he is asked to exhume Jacob's supposedly dead body, along with his wife's.


Everyone thought Caleb Richards was dead. Now he has returned. He tells Marty that he has no idea what he’s been through. The last thing he remembers is driving his truck before blacking out. He claims he woke up three days ago in Portland. Caleb is told his friend, Dale, found him dead of a heart attack in the woods by his hunting shack. Ray tells Marty and Maggie know that the man in his house is not his dad. Maggie lets her father know that Caleb Richards is back, too. She heads off to work to find Marty waiting for her at the office. He needs her help figuring out what’s going on. Marty wants to unearth Jacob’s tomb to match the DNA with the boy who claims to be him. Maggie agrees to help even though her mom is buried in the same tomb. Lucille doesn’t mind, but Henry is completely against desecrating the tomb.

Lucille can’t bring herself to dressing Jacob in the clothes she packed away so long ago. She sends him off to play with the other kids. This makes all the other parents uncomfortable. They take their kids away leaving Jacob standing alone in the middle of an empty field. Marty suggests using a cover story to avoid incidents like this. Pastor Tom agrees with this approach. He’s obviously uncomfortable about all this, but he nervously visits his old friend. They end up bonding as if no time has passed. The sheriff shuts down any attempts to get a court order to open the tomb, so Marty goes above his head. Fred lets his daughter know this is not a good idea after what started out as a nice heart-to-heart chat. It doesn’t end that way. Things go from bad to worse when Marty comes by. Fred taunts him by bringing up his past but doesn’t elaborate.

Caleb vows to Elaine that he’s going to make this second chance count by being a better father. A checkup by Maggie shows him being pretty good health. However, blood tests show pretty clearly that Caleb had a heart attack three days ago—which is when he said he woke up. Elaine doesn’t care about that. All that matters is that her dad is back. She recalls seeing him in his casket and placing a note inside his pocket. She’s relieved when the note isn’t in his current jacket pocket. While digging into the ground by his old hunting shack, Caleb recalls memories of having a heart attack. He continues to dig in a spot that seems familiar to him. Later, Caleb returns home to find his son looking around his room. However, Ray didn’t find the note he was hiding in the Bible. It’s the same note Elaine put in his pocket at his funeral. Maggie pays a visit to the man who was at the river the day her mother died. She wants to know if he’s her father. The answer is no. The man says he didn’t leave her that day at the river. He waited until someone found her. He then goes inside his home to tell an unseen person that Maggie has found them. Later, Maggie and Marty open the tomb. Their eyes open wide when they see what’s inside.

Lucille lets Marty know that she doesn’t want Jacob to lie. She just wants him to be a little boy. Caleb is seen talking to Jacob, who tells Marty that he told him he actually should lie. A short time later, Caleb shows up at the home of a man who is horrified when he recognizes who is at his front door. He pulls out a hammer and charges toward the man. Caleb screams, “Tell me it’s all gone!” This is just before he holds up the hammer and swings it down toward his cowering target.


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