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“Torn Apart" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of ABC’s Resurrection. It was written by Aaron Zelman and directed by Dan Attias It is the eighth episode of the series overall, and premiered on May 4, 2014. "Torn Apart" attracted 8.16 Million Viewers.


The alive-again Rachael views her own corpse on a slab in the morgue, but states she is still the same person she was before Gary shot her. When Barbara tells Sheriff Langston that she is staying with Sam Catlin, he changes his mind about the resurrected and traps the couple hundred people who have returned, including Barbara, in the Arcadia High School gym. His plan backfires and Maggie gets arrested for failing to follow an order issued by a sergeant detailed to detain the returnees. Her father promises her that he will make everything right. Meanwhile, Bellamy tries to help Jenny's family out after realizing what the sheriff's plans entailed. Jenny's mother tells the Langstons that she and her husband are looking for their son, who has a crescent birthmark on the back of his neck, in the hope that he has also returned. Bellamy and Jacob attempt to leave Arcadia for Jacob's safety. As they are stopped by government forces, it is revealed that Bellamy has the crescent birthmark that Jenny's mother described.


Rachael can’t understand how she’s gazing down at her own dead body at the morgue. Dozens of others have returned and more are coming. One of those who have gathered at the church is a welcome sight to Helen Edgerton. Marty lets Toni know that they need humanitarian help for those who have returned. The army trucks that roll in are not what he was expecting. They have lots of supplies. Relief engulfs Marty and Maggie when Colonel Stone makes it clear they are there to help.

Maggie learns that her mother, Barbara, has been back for a week. She woke up a few towns over. Barbara didn’t approach her because she knew that she’d have to see Fred. She claims that Maggie doesn’t know how cruel and dark her father could get. Her daughter doesn’t believe it. She wants her mother to tell her father that she’s back and with Sam. Barbara does, indeed, go to see Fred to tell him that it’s over between them. She’s surprised when Fred says he accepts her choice. Still, the sheriff wears his wedding ring.

Colonel Stone was under the impression that the people they were called in to help were storm victims. Sheriff Fred clues him in on the real story as he sees it. He believes those who have returned are dangerous. They are not the loved ones that people believe they are. He proposes that they protect the living instead of the dead. A plan is formulated to gather everyone who has returned into the high school gymnasium. Jenny’s parents, the Thompsons, tell Henry and Lucille that they were out in the woods looking for their baby boy, Robert. He didn’t come back with them. He has a crescent birthmark on his neck. In other news, the returnees are checking in at the gym. Marty has a bad feeling about what’s happening. He sends Henry, Lucille and Jacob away. Fred sees this but lets them go. Inside the gym, Marty realizes this is all a trap. All cell phone reception has been cut.

Marty pulls a fire alarm. This allows some to the returned individuals to escape. Sheriff Fred keeps as many as he can inside. He orders the others to be reclaimed. Not all of his deputies are onboard with what’s happening. Maggie isn’t either. She wants Ward to destroy the list of those who returned. He agrees to help even though it’ll seal his fate regarding his disease. Fred lets Gary out of jail. He needs every man he can get to round up the returnees. Carl has been camped outside Henry’s house to keep an eye on Jacob. Marty takes away his radio and car keys. He lets Henry know that Barbara’s return has set off Fred. Marty wants them to leave, but Lucille thinks he should be the one who protects Jacob. Henry agrees that’s the best move even though Jacob is scared. It’s the only way to keep his son safe. Henry orders Marty to do what he has to do.

Fred shows up looking for Jacob. He orders a search of the house. Fred is then asked by one of his deputies to return to the gym. The army has arrived with armed troops. Their guns are aimed at the returned. Colonel Stone lets Fred know that the entire town is under quarantine. Maggie is taken into custody when she refuses to give up her files. The search is on for those who have escaped. This includes the Thompsons, who find safe haven with Janine thanks to Pastor Tom.

Marty tries to cheer up Jacob as they attempt to make their way out of town. They soon find there is no escape. Military vehicles surround them on the ground as a chopper zooms in from above. Marty clutches Jacob in his arms. The boy is scared. As for Marty, he knows he has no place left to turn.


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