Season 1 of Resurrection premiered from March 9, 2014 - May 4, 2014. It consists a total of 8 episodes.

Development and productionEdit

In January 2013, ABC ordered the project to pilot status and in March brought in Charles McDougall as director as part of a two-year deal he signed with ABC Studios. On March 7, 2013, ABC released its list of potential hour-long pilot pick-ups, with the title changed to Forever. The title changed again after ABC ordered it to series in May 2013.

DVD ReleaseEdit

The first season of Resurrection will be released by ABC and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment in DVD format on June 10, 2014. The two-disc set will feature all eight episodes.



Image Title Airdate #
1.1 The Returned March 9, 2014 1.1
Immigration Agent J. Martin Bellamy is assigned to track down the parents of a 8-year-old boy named Jacob Langston, who wakes up in a rice field somewhere in China. When Bellamy learns from Jacob where he is from, the two head for Arcadia, Missouri, where — to Bellamy's shock — it is revealed that Jacob's parents, Lucille and Henry, are now in their 60s, and they tell Bellamy that Jacob died and was entombed 32 years ago, after he drowned. This discovery has everyone involved asking questions about Jacob's sudden return, and the mystery gets deeper when another person who was presumed dead suddenly turns up alive.
1.2 Unearth March 16, 2014 1.2
Caleb Richards returns to his family, with no memory of dying from a heart attack many years before. His son, Ray, and daughter, Elaine, are emotionally divided over his return, and Caleb resumes his devious activity from before his death. The Langstons must find a way to re-introduce Jacob to society – either by telling the truth or lying — and ask Pastor Tom for help, since he was friends with Jacob 32 years before. Meanwhile, Sheriff Langston is told his wife was having an affair, and, according to Jacob, the man was present at the time of her death. Asked to exhume Jacob's supposedly dead body, along with his wife's, the sheriff would rather keep the past buried.
1.3 Two Rivers March 23, 2014 1.3
Jacob's grave is exhumed and his body is inside. Henry struggles with accepting Jacob as any form of his son. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Maggie search the river for a connection between Jacob and Caleb's deaths. They discover that Caleb, before he died, robbed the bank where his daughter Elaine currently works. Pastor Tom's decision to support Jacob's reappearance at church functions puts him at odds with the church board. He then finds another person returned from the dead in his sanctuary.
1.4 Us Against the World March 30, 2014 1.4
Tom's fiancée, Rachael, who committed suicide 12 years ago, has returned. He is conflicted between his current marriage to Janine, and seeing Rachael again. Bellamy and Sheriff Langston investigate Caleb's involvement in a previous bank robbery, while the bank gets robbed again and he disappears. Lucille begins to empathize with Henry regarding Jacob. Maggie takes Jacob for ice cream and he senses Caleb is hiding out in an abandoned Langston family-owned factory. Upon arrest, Caleb vows that events are "just beginning," making Bellamy more concerned about what will happen next.
1.5 Insomnia April 6, 2014 1.5
The search begins for the money Caleb hid, before every federal government agency arrives in Arcadia as he was (and is, to the authorities) already dead. Elaine talks with him and finds clues leading her to find the money he stole for her to use. She tells Bellamy to give the money back to him. While doing this, Bellamy learns about other deaths and other kids, including one from Bellamy's past involving a child he returned to his troubled family in Chicago, only to be shot and killed by his father. Maggie discovers that Rachael is pregnant; Rachael begs her not to tell Tom. Caleb disappears from his locked cell and Bellamy knows it has something to do with Jacob's nightmare about Caleb and him disappearing.
1.6 Home April 13, 2014 1.6
The disappearance of Caleb has Bellamy and Sheriff Langston on edge, and to make matters worse, the residents of Arcadia are now looking into taking the situation into their own hands. Maggie calls in a friend, Dr. Ward, from the National Institute of Health to help out with the cases, believing that he can help Jacob despite Bellamy's distrust of federal agencies. Enticed with a chance to go to Maryland with Jacob, after Dr. Ward discovers that cells taken from Jacob's and Rachael's blood samples can possibly cure leukemia, Henry and Lucille reject the offer. Rachael tells Tom that she's pregnant, and the news causes Janine, who had been trying to have a child, to become more upset. Helen Edgerton, a member of the church, exposes the truth to the congregation when it is revealed that Tom is the father. The exposure does not stop others, when Rachael is taken by force by the deputy and a cousin of Caleb's victims.
1.7 Schemes of the Devil April 27, 2014 1.7
After Rachael threatens Gary Humphrey in a cabin saying she cannot die, she is shot in a struggle with him when the sheriff, Bellamy, and Tom arrive. She dies in Tom's arms. At the playground, Jacob befriends a girl named Jenny, who is dressed in 1950s-style clothing. He later leaves the house on his bicycle, and his parents find him at the playground. Jenny's parents come out of the woods hungry. Like Jacob, she and her parents have returned from the dead. At the sheriff's office, numerous calls and appearances from others who have returned occur. Hopeful, the sheriff rushes home expecting to find his wife Barbara. However, Maggie finds her mother at Sam Catlin's house. Bellamy finds Rachael alive and walking down a rural road.
1.8 Torn Apart March 4, 2014 1.8
The alive-again Rachael views her own corpse on a slab in the morgue, but states she is still the same person she was before Gary shot her. When Barbara tells Sheriff Langston that she is staying with Sam Catlin, he changes his mind about the resurrected and traps the couple hundred people who have returned, including Barbara, in the Arcadia High School gym. His plan backfires and Maggie gets arrested for failing to follow an order issued by a sergeant detailed to detain the returnees. Her father promises her that he will make everything right. Meanwhile, Bellamy tries to help Jenny's family out after realizing what the sheriff's plans entailed. Jenny's mother tells the Langstons that she and her husband are looking for their son, who has a crescent birthmark on the back of his neck, in the hope that he has also returned. Bellamy and Jacob attempt to leave Arcadia for Jacob's safety. As they are stopped by government forces, it is revealed that Bellamy has the crescent birthmark that Jenny's mother described.