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“Schemes of the Devil" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of ABC’s Resurrection. It was written by Nathan Louis Jackson and directed by Dan Attias It is the seventh episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 27, 2014. "Schemes of the Devil" attracted 7.46 Million Viewers.


After Rachael threatens Gary Humphrey in a cabin saying she cannot die, she is shot in a struggle with him when the sheriff, Bellamy, and Tom arrive. She dies in Tom's arms. At the playground, Jacob befriends a girl named Jenny, who is dressed in 1950s-style clothing. He later leaves the house on his bicycle, and his parents find him at the playground. Jenny's parents come out of the woods hungry. Like Jacob, she and her parents have returned. At the sheriff's office, numerous calls and appearances from others who have returned occur. Hopeful, the sheriff rushes home expecting to find his wife. However, Maggie finds her mother at Sam Catlin's house. Bellamy finds Rachael alive and standing on a rural road.


Pastor Tom informs Agent Bellamy and Maggie that Rachael is nowhere to be found. He’s afraid something may have happened to her after the church incident. Maggie fears she may have disappeared like Caleb. But Marty hopes that Jacob can help. He was once able to sense Caleb, perhaps now he can help them find Rachael? Marty makes a call to Lucille and asks her to bring Jacob to them. The young boy isn’t happy because he’s enjoying playing in the park with his new friend Jenny, but Lucille gathers him anyway. Turns out, despite Tom’s hopes, Jacob has no idea where Rachael is. Lucille comforts her son when he gets upset about the whole situation.

At the local diner, Sheriff Fred joins his brother Henry for breakfast. The subject of their father’s old factory comes up. Henry wants to get the place back on its feet, but Fred doesn’t think it’s even possible. Henry has turned into an optimist now that Jacob has returned. When Fred wonders if Henry really thinks that boy is his Jacob, Henry simply replies, “That boy has brought life into my home again.” Later, all Jacob wants to do is go back to the park. He promised his new friend he’d return. Henry believes his son is simply throwing a temper tantrum, but he and Lucille soon discover Jacob is missing. Has he disappeared like Caleb? Nope, he’s just run away to go back to the park on his own. His parents are frantic, but eventually track him down. Jacob explains he promised he’d help Jenny’s family – because they’re just like him.

Elsewhere, Maggie and Dr. Ward are in the lab researching all of those who have returned when Dr. Ward requests to look at Caleb’s blood. One problem: Jacob and Rachael samples are there, but Caleb’s have disappeared, much like him. Later, Dr. Ward shows Maggie some amazing test results. It looks like Jacob’s blood can remove all traces of leukemia. “Where did you get the leukemia sample?” Maggie wonders. He reveals he was diagnosed with the disease and used his own sample for the tests. Now he wants Maggie to go to Maryland and work with him. Maggie meets up with Elaine to discuss this new development. She’s not sure she should, but Elaine encourages her friend to follow her dreams. “What’s holding you back?” she wonders. Gary has Rachael tied up in a cabin and is questioning her about who she is and what she’s doing in Arcadia. Plus, he knows that Jacob can sense Caleb so he assumes Rachael can too. He wants to know where Caleb is. Now. Rachael cries that she doesn’t know anything. Gary’s friends are uneasy with the entire situation so he orders them to leave.

Meanwhile, Marty and Tom notice Gary’s truck has been at the church all night. They go to Sheriff Fred with their suspicions. He tells them he can’t pursue this without evidence. But after they leave, he notices Carl (who has just left Gary and Rachael) is acting suspicious. Fred wants answers, and Carl must give them to him, because the next thing we know Sheriff Fred is at Gary’s cabin. As he’s attempting to rescue Rachael, Gary pulls a gun on both of them. “No one is getting out of here until we figure out what the hell she is,” warns Gary. Marty and Tom arrive on the scene and Marty pulls his own weapon out. He demands Gary lower his gun while Tom tries to talk sense into him. Then, in a tragic turn of events, Rachael attempts to escape Gary’s grasp and gets shot. She dies (again) in Tom’s arms.

After the coroner’s take Rachael’s body away, a rattled Sheriff Fred returns to the police department – and he can’t possibly be prepared for what he finds. It looks like Jacob’s new friends aren’t the only newly resurrected citizens returning to Arcadia. One by one, people are coming back, leading to mass confusion and panic. Meanwhile, Marty calls Maggie on his drive back to town to tell her the news of Rachael’s death. Maggie shares her own news about Dr. Ward’s research and is surprised when Marty encourages her to go to Maryland. Marty suddenly stops the car when he notices a female in the road. She turns around – and it’s Rachael! Has she returned… again?

In the midst of everyone returning, Sheriff Fred notices a theme of the deceased waiting for their loved ones when they return home, so he drops everything and runs to his house. The porch light is on! The door is open! There is a woman sitting at his kitchen table! Is it Barbara? No, it’s Maggie, who is in tears. She had hoped to find her mother also. When Fred retires to be alone for the evening, Maggie comes to a sudden realization. She knows where her mother may be. Sure enough, when she arrives at the home of the man her mom was having an affair with at the time of her death, she finds a very much alive Barbara.


New found resurrectedEdit

  • Jenny and her parents
  • Police Station Man
  • Women's Sister
  • Coffee Shop Man
  • Barbara Langston
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