The resurrected, or "returned" are those residents of Arcadia that have come back from the dead.

History Edit

Jacob Langston is resurrected 32 years after he dies. He reappears in China. Immigration agent Martin Bellamy (later revealed to also be a returned) is the one who brings him from China to his parents house in Arcadia, Missouri. Later on Caleb Richards, the father of Maggie Langston's best friend, returns as well.

The pastor's ex-girlfriend Rachael Braidwood also returns, causing complications between him and his wife when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Eventually a mass return of several deceased residents of Arcadia returns (including Jacob's aunt) occurs , causing Fred Langston to call in the military.

Notes Edit

  • As time goes on, returned members of Arcadia come back faster, and closer to the town
  • It is unknown why the returned have come back.
  • It is never stated if the returned age.
  • When a returned dies, they come back again, leaving a body behind.
  • Jacob is the only known returned to have a power. He can sense the presence of other returned, Caleb and his grandmother especially. Both Caleb and Margaret have darker, evil personalities.
  • After skeletons are found in the river, Maggie discovers that Jacob is not the first returned, and it has happened before.
  • It is unknown if everyone who dies in Arcadia comes back, or only certain people.
  • In this wave of returned, Racheal holds the record for returning the most times, so far. She has come back twice.