Rachael Braidwood is a recurring character on ABC's Resurrection.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 1975, died aged 27 in 2002 & Returned in 2014. 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.

Rachael dated Tom Hale and unknowingly got pregnant with his child before she drove off a bridge and killed herself.

Season 1Edit

After 12 years, Rachael came back from the dead and was found in Tom's church. Tom made her keep a low profile and checked her into a motel when his wife wouldn't let her stay with them. The secret got around when Tom brought Rachael into see Maggie Langston. Maggie told Martin Bellamy. Maggie and Rachael found out Rachael was pregnant with Tom's baby. And got around when Tom told his wife. Everyone gathered around at the church on a Sunday morning and Rachael's return got out. Along with her pregnancy secret. In "Schemes with the Devil" Rachel was kidnapped by Gary Humphrey. Fred Langston, Martin Bellamy, and Tom Hale arrive to see Rachel at gunpoint. After a struggle Rachel dies in Tom's hands. Later on in the episode Rachel is found down on a road by Agent Bellamy; Resurrected for the second time.



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