Martin Bellamy
Martin bellamy
Martin Bellamy (Born Robert Thompson)
Agent with Bureau of the Returned
Portrayed by
1, 2

Martin Bellamy (Marty, Bobby. Born Robert Thompson,) is a main character on ABC's Resurrection. He is the Immigration Agent who takes Jacob Langston home to Arcadia, Missouri after the boy is found in China.


Bellamy is a former police officer who worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on a task force and switched jobs to work for ICE. Sheriff Fred Langston called ICE to check on Marty and called him a glorified chauffeur. There may be something dark in Bellamy's past; when Fred challenged him to tell Dr. Maggie Langston what had happened to him, he deferred. At the beginning of Season 2 , Martin has become a Returned, as he was taken by the people who came for the Returned in Arcadia, and, during a struggle that occurred during an interrogation while in custody, shot in the heart. He Returned to Arcadia, confused, and later finding out that he has been missing for over a week.

It is discovered that Martin was born in Arcadia,1934, and was six months old when a flood occurred in the town, and he drowned, making him the youngest, in age of death (That we know of.) of the Returned. He later returned in Chicago, 1972, where he was adopted by the Bellamy family. Bellamy, after confronting the mysterious woman who works for the people who took the Returned (He became infected by the virus/disease being contracted by the Returned, not only in Arcadia, and called for help.), finds out that his family is the Thompsons, who appeared near the end of Season 1, with the young girl Jenny. When he asks to see them he is told that his family also contracted the virus, and while his parents sadly disappeared three days prior, his sister Jenny is still around. He demands to see her, and he gets to. He talks to Jenny, who doesn't know who he is except "That man from before in Arcadia.", and asks, after things are safe again, if she would want to come with him back to Arcadia, to which she agrees to. She gives him a drawing she had been making of her and her family, complete with her baby brother Robert, who she called Robbie. He is released from the facility with medicine to keep him healthy, but only enough for ten days, which the woman sadly regrets. He plants a phone in the facility, perhaps in hopes to find out more.

When he gets back to Arcadia, he gives the medication to Maggie to give to the other people of Arcadia, without telling her he is a Returned that is infected as well.


At the beginning of the series, Martin is portrayed as a serious but kind hearted agent with Immigration, who is good at his job, but also has quite a few personal issues, some revolving around a case he had years prior, having to do with another young boy. He is good at his job, but impulsive. When he comes to Arcadia to deliver Jacob, he's kind to the boy and his parents, but immediately suspicious of the entire situation. He stays in Arcadia initially to help clear up the mystery surrounding Jacob, and shows an intense need to work out the case, possibly because of the aforementioned case years before. As the series progresses, especially in season 2 after he becomes a Returned, Bellamy is a bit more erratic but dedicated to helping out, since he is now deep into the situation. He'd shown a very prominent dislike to the people who were trying to run the Returned out of town and talk badly about them, even before he knew of his situation. In one situation, Bellamy pins one man to a table and tells him "If you have a problem with the Returned, you have a problem with me." then tells the man, and everyone in the bar, that he is Returned. He cares very deeply about the Returned and the people around him, but feels the need to protect them from harm, going so far as to not tell Maggie about his being a Returned until a week after he comes back to Arcadia.


Family: Edit

Jenny Thompson- Older Sister. Alive/Resurrected.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson- Biological Parents. Disappeared/Deceased.

The Bellamys- Adoptive Parents/Family. Unknown.

Romantic: Edit

Maggie Langston- Girlfriend.Alive.

Memorable quotesEdit


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