Margaret Langston née Anderson (10.07.1927 - 28.10.1981) is the mother of Henry Langston and Fred Langston. She is a Returned, like her grandson and daugther-in- law. She makes her first appearance in Season 2, when Jacob finds her in the cemetery looking at the family mausoleum.

Personality Edit

Margaret is a woman with many secrets, and knows to how to manipulate people. At the age of 17 her father arranged for her marriage to Warren Langston in an effort to grant her a better life. Deeply unhappy in her marriage she despised her much older husband, considering him weak and lazy. Margaret is deeply loyal and very protective of her family; being a woman of her generation she is very keen on keeping up appearance, often hiding her emotions and motives from those around her.

Relationships Edit

Henry Langston Edit

When Margaret returns, she stays with Henry and Lucille at their home. The first thing she tells him is that he looks just like his father; which in her eyes might not exactly be a good thing. She later reproaches him for closing down the family's factory after Jacob's death, resulting in him trying to find a way of reopening it.

Lucille Langston Edit

Margaret and Lucille often do not see eye to eye with each other. But Margaret shows concern and consideration for Lucille at the anniversary of Jacob's death (Oct 28th 1982), trying to cheer her up and throughout the day connecting with her on a different level than before.

Jacob Langston Edit

Since returning, Margaret has been closest with Jacob. He tells her that he could feel her coming back, which is why he went to the cemetery to meet her after she returned. They both relate to each other well, Margaret being very protective about her young grandson and him confiding in her more than in others.

Maggie Langston Edit

Margaret is surprised to learn of Maggie's existence, partially due to the fact that Maggie was born after Margaret died. Upon their first meeting, Maggie remarks that she always thought she had Margaret's eyes, to which Margaret replies that they both inherited them from her father.

Fred Langston Edit

After returning, Margaret asks Henry when she can see Fred and learns about his suspicions regarding the Returned, as well as the fact that it was him who brought in the Army and tried to take Jacob away from his parents. Her return has a deep impact on Fred as he tries to reconsider his point of view on the Returned. She later stops him from killing himself.

Agent Bellamy Edit

Margaret and Bellamy only interacted once. During their conversation, she comments that he looks familiar to her, but it is not concluded as to how she might know him.

Family treeEdit

Mrs. Langston
Edward Langston
Margaret Langston*
Warren Langston
Lucille Langston
Henry Langston*Frederick Langston
Barbara Langston*
Sam Catlin
Jacob Langston*
Maggie Langston

denotes the deceased.
* denotes Returned.
* Returned, then vanished.
Familial article: Langston family

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Memorable Quotes Edit

"It's a strange thing to have instant access to 33 year old memories. You can see very clearly the things that haven't changed." (S02E01) "When I returned I wrestled with 'why?'. Why me and not somebody else? What made me so special? Well, I now believe I have the answer. The history of the Langston family is a storied one. Dotted by struggle and difficult times. We weathered them in the past and together we will weather them again. It is my purpose, my mission, to bring this family back together. To overcome this dark time. We're Langstons. We must always protect our own. No matter what." (S02E04)

"There once was a village where there was a very happy family, who employed all the villagers. Times were good and all was well. Until the demons arrived. They spread fear, panic, and worst of all made the happy family turn on each other. It was a dark time. Until a brave few, including a little girl, banded together to face the demons. But bravery was not enough. Even though they slayed the demons they came back. Again and again. None of their methods worked. Not hanging, nor shooting, nor fire. But in the end the villagers did finally figure out how to banish the demons. It was a secret buried long ago. Many years passed and only the little girl, now grown up, was still alive to remember the demons. And the secret of how to kill them. The responsibility fell on her and her alone, to protect her family. No matter what. Even after the little girl had become a demon herself. But in the end... she was successful. And everyone was happy." (S02E04)