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Jacob Langston is a main character on ABC's Resurrection. He is an 8 year old boy who wakes up one day alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. When Martin Bellamy takes him home to Arcadia, Missouri, it turns out Jacob Langston drowned 32 years ago. Trying to find the truth, Jacob's family, including his parents Henry and Lucille Langston, start to investigate the mystery.

Background: Jacob was born to Henry and Lucille Langston in 1974 and lived his whole life in Arcadia, Missouri. He had an uncle Fred and aunt Barbara who lived close by, and a cousin Maggie. When Jacob was eight he drowned in the river near his home.


Quiet. Secretive, but trusting.


Martin BellamyEdit

Jacob seems to be very connected to Agent Bellamy considering that Martin took him back to his home and makes sure Jacob is safe. Although the full story hasnt been revealed it is strongly implied that Martin Bellamy used to have another child figure in his life whom had an accident and escaped the Agent's life.This explains why Martin is reluctant to reveal Jacob's secret in fear of losing another child.

Family Edit

Great-grandfather: Edward Langston

Grandparents: Warren and Margaret Langston.

Parents: Henry and Lucille Langston

Uncle:Fred Langston

Aunt-in-law: Barbara Langston

Cousin: Maggie Langston

Memorable quotesEdit

Jacob: "Did I die? Did we all die?"


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