Caleb Richards was a character on ABC's Resurrection.


It is revealed in Season 1, moment by moment through consecutive episodes, that Caleb Richards was an active criminal before he died and after he returned. He broke into the armored car used by a bank to deliver money, twice, both by setting fire to one of the guard's cars, causing a distraction, and then preceding to knock out that guard, shoot the guard inside of the armored car, and then get away with two bags of money before the other guard found him. He was masked the entire time - sort of a metaphor for his character. As a father, he was protective but often absent, and seemed to be two completely different people - one, the criminal Caleb, and the other, around his kids and friends.


Caleb Richards is an interesting character, a perfect balance of bad and good.

He is intelligent, caring (with the people he loves, particularly Elaine, his daughter), and protective.

He is manipulative, impulsive, and an extremely good liar.

Often the positive and negative attributes clash. He stole money from an armored car, but it was later revealed that both the second time and the first time was provoked by his love of his children - he thought he could somehow repay them for his being a bad father by hiding the money he got the second time (and would've gotten the first time) under his daughter's porch. That being said, almost immediately after he returned, he found his partner in the crime, who had used the money for his own purposes after Caleb died, and brutally murdered him with a hammer because he was angry that the crime didn't turn out well for him.

Caleb Richards seems to know either way less or way more about his affliction, his situation, of being returned, than anyone else does. In a philosophical way, that is. He has shared an opinion that there is no life or death, "only this." His view of the world has been complicated by his return, and his relaxed attitude about morality has thus been elevated by his skewed view. He is quick to use the interesting abilities his affliction gives him as an advantage.

Relationships Edit

He has a daughter Elaine, and a son, Ray.

He is mostly connected with his daughter in the first few episodes that he is in, rather than his son, but after his crimes are revealed to his daughter, she becomes angry with him. He leaves a note to her in the framing of a picture of all of them, about where the money is hidden, but she digs it up, shows it to Agent Bellamy, and asks that he tells Caleb, who at that point was in his cell in jail, that she doesn't want it.


He is seen coughing, clearly not well for whatever reason, in his cell when Martin Bellamy comes in with the bags of money and drops them at the bars to the cell. Bellamy begins scolding him, basically, until Caleb tells him that he has information for him. Caleb asks for a glass of water, as his voice is also scratchy. Bellamy goes over to get him a cup of water, but turns back around and finds that Caleb has disappeared completely.

The footage of the event merely goes out for a second at the second Caleb disappears. Then comes right back. The others suspect that either it was one of his "abilities," or that it did not happen on purpose and that the same thing could happen to Jacob.


Family treeEdit

Mrs. Richards
Caleb Richards*
Elaine RichardsRay Richards

denotes the deceased.
* denotes Returned.
* Returned, then vanished.
Familial article: Richards family

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