Barbara Langston
Barbara Langston
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Barbara Langston is Fred Langston's deceased wife and Maggie Langston's mother played by April Billingsley.

Early LifeEdit

Barbara died drowning, Jacob Langston tried to save her but failed and died with her. A man named Sam Catlin whom she had a love affair with tried to save her too but also failed. He lived.

Season 1Edit

After Jacob came back from the dead, secrets about Barbara are found out, Maggie find out that before she died, she was sleeping with a guy named Sam Catlin. In Schemes of the Devil, after a bunch of people come back to life, Fred rushes home in eagerness to find her, instead he only finds his daughter, Maggie who was sobbing as she too, was awaiting Barbara. Barbara never showed up.

The next morning, Maggie decides to go to Sam's house and finds Barbara there. It is the first time she meets her mother since Barbara's death when she was still an infant. It is disclosed that Barbara had actually returned weeks prior and had been staying there, with Sam the whole time. Maggie was immensely furious towards Barbara considering the fact that she knew of Barbara's affair towards her father while she was still an infant. Maggie demanded Barbara to confess of her sins to Fred immediately.

Barbara later finally found the courage to see her husband one night in front of their house. Once Fred saw her, he was absolutely ecstatic and instantly swooped her off her feet. Barbara admits to the affair she had in the past and is shocked to know that Fred had already knew of it. He made it clear that he didn't mind of the past. Fred is clearly still in love with Barbara and plans to start new their relationship. However, Barbara denies his offers and stated that she had chosen Sam over him.

He surprisingly "agrees" in letting her go. Fred was actually devastated by Barbara's rejection towards him, which led him to act irrationally by contacting the authorities and capturing the returns. Barbara was among those who were unable to escape and was taken away.

Later in the season, it is revealed that the reason behind Barbara's affair was because of her husband's temper and abusive manners towards her.

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